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Weekly/Monthly House Cleaning


Are you a commuter? Too busy with the everyday hutsle and bustle? Just want to come home and enjoy time with your family or relaxation?


Request a weekly/monthly service from Shine Bright Maids.

After Event Cleaning

Have you ever hosted a party and were too exhausted to clean when it was all over? 


Book a Shine Bright Maid to do the job, so you can relax and sleep-in the following morning.

Move In/Out Cleaning


Whether you're moving-in or out...


Shine Bright Maids are here to help clean-up the mess and help to make the transition easier. Our job is to CLEAN and your job is to move. Book a Shine Bright Maid today!

Office Cleaning


Looking to maintain a shiny and  tidy office environment? 

Shine Bright Maids are efficient, reliable and trustworthy... Schedule service today!

Deep Spring Cleaning


We all know Spring Cleaning can be rough... Need an extra hand or even someone to complete the entire job for you?


Book Shine Bright Maids today!

Event Assistance


Hosting an event and want to actually enjoy the party?


Hire Shine Bright Maids to assist in everything from checking-in coats to serving food and beverages. Book some event assistance today!

Additional Services

Laundry Wash & Dry

Inside Cabinets

Inside Fridge

Inside Oven

Interior Walls

Interior Windows

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